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"To Wed beautifully is to share your heart and soul with another as you begin you life; 

to Live beautifully is to dwell in the heart and the soul!"

"Live, wed and write, beautifully!

Why America Listens to 

Best-selling Author,

National Etiquette, Wedding and Stationery Expert 

Guest Speaker and Columnist

Meet Marjorie Maxfield

At the forefront of the etiquette, wedding and stationery industries,
and a key figure in the current communications revolution,
Marjorie Maxfield is one of the key players that shapes the national conversation.

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Wedding and Personal Stationery
Etiquette Expertise

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National guest speaking engagements
National book signing events
National bridal shows

National Speaking Engagements, Book Signings

Waldorf Towers, New York City
New York Stationery Show, Javits Center

National Association of Wedding Planners, Houston, Texas
Bridal Showcase,
Washington, D.C. 

Rocky Mountain Bridal Show, Denver, Colorado
Wedding Showcase,
Houston, Texas

Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Houston, Texas

Largest Episcopal church in U.S.
St. Michael Catholic Church Houston, Texas
Largest Catholic church in Texas
Holy Name Retreat Center, Houston, Texas
American Museum Society Houston, Texas
The MMM Annual Classes, Atlanta, Georgia

Ceron Salon, Houston, Texas
PS The Letter, Fort Worth, Texas

River Oaks Book Store, Houston, Texas
Rice Lecture Series, Houston, Texas
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Houston, Texas
Tanglewood Gifts, Houston, Texas

Since 1989 a Texas Retail Icon

Tanglewood Pharmacy, Tanglewood Gifts, 25 years

National press calls, "Store of the rich and famous,"

Past Presidents, First Ladies, Astronauts, sports legends,
rock and movie stars ,celebrities, socialites, and Texas legends,
attorneys, physicians, clergy and businessmen
consider Marjorie Maxfield their stationery source.

Crane & Company
Number one in country, 2012

Lallie, the art of stationery
Top Five for two decades

Olympic Gold Medalist, Mary Lou Retton,
Marjorie's first bride.


Financial Talk Show

Created the first financial talk shows for television and radio
in country in 1980

Channel 8, television, Houston, Texas
KTRH, radio, Houston, Texas
Dan Rather, CBS, broadcast interview in 1980


Innovation of the design and print of invitations
on computer/printer

Created luxury box as invitation

Innovated monogram calligraphy
on wedding invitations


First graphic artist/firm in Houston
to design and process advertising on a computer, 1985

Personal vitae

Marjorie is married to Jim Maxfield for 45 years.
They met in San Antonio, while he was a graduate student at Trinity University in Hospital Administration
Marjorie graduated 
with a degree in Philosophy, in three years, also from Trinity University.

They married at Trinity University.

They have resided in Houston, Texas ever since. 

Jim is a pharmacist with a degree from the University of Texas and owner of Tanglewood Pharmacy.

They married at Trinity University.

They have resided in Houston, Texas ever since.
have one son, who also resides in Houston.

Excerpts from "The Write Stuff"
On Wedding Etiquette

"Wedding stationery etiquette:
traditional vs. what’s in vogue,
and what to do every time from an authority.”

Marjorie McLane Maxfield

Bridal etiquette has undergone a major change in the last five years. Some of the popular publications and internet sites have written about certain etiquette change as though they are in stone, when in fact they are not generally accepted by society.

In my stationery store, when a customer asks me about an etiquette recommendation, I tell the client what is considered as socially correct. More importantly, I explain what is appropriate and factor in if there is any new information which may influence a decision.
For example, the save the date invitation was created for out-of-town guests so they could make travel arrangements, or have advance notice if the wedding was on a holiday. The new etiquette information is that the save the date invitation has become an expected piece of the wedding correspondence. Now most brides are sending it to almost everyone. However, it is important to tell the bride the in-town guests do not necessarily need to receive the save the date. They do not need to travel. However, if the wedding date is on a holiday, then everyone should be sent the save the date invitation.
Etiquette has its nuances. In a more sophisticated social group, the rules are expected to be honored. However, as society becomes more relaxed, some brides opt for the new traditions in etiquette. It can be difficult at times to determine what is new and correct. Be aware. Like everything else, just because it is in print, on the television, or on the Internet does not mean it is socially correct, so select your resource carefully. Think the suggestion through. This Guide is a complete stationery etiquette resource. It reflects my twenty years of experience and expertise in the stationery business as well as seeing etiquette in action my entire life.
Why Wed-etiquette®? It is my signature brand name. It is a blend of two words. It captures the spirit of two subjects that I am regarded as an expert: weddings and etiquette. This unique trademark came, not as a brilliant observation, but as a slip of the tongue, if you will.
I was talking enthusiastically, as I normally do, and I tried to get out the words wedding and etiquette at the same time. And, bingo,Wed-etiquette® was created!

Celebrity Sign-Offs

Former First Lady Barbara Bush       
Christmas letter, December 28, 2005

James A. Baker, III

“Best regards,”
Only U.S. citizen to hold both the offices of Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury.

Jonathan Sandys

“God bless!”
Great grandson of Sir Winston Churchill
The founder Churchill’s Britain Foundation

Coach Jimmy Johnson   

“Always the best,”
Coached the Dallas Cowboys to two, back-to-back,
Super Bowls; coached a collegiate national champion;
played on a collegiate national championship team;
actor and NFL television announcer.

On Personal Stationery
The Write Stuff

“Handwritten notes are, perhaps, angels in the mail: Messengers of divine inspiration,
endless with possibilities, enduring in their message.”

Marjorie McLane Maxfield

“Mail call! Letter for you. It’s personal. It looks important!” That message can bring you out of the garden, off the computer and straight to your destiny: a wonderful personal note addressed to you. What an honor at the end of the day to have it bestowed upon you, right in your own home. A hand addressed note says it all: you are important to me, you deserve my undivided attention, you and I are going to share something very special, a note I created. This is a work of art—from me to you. So personal. So interesting. So provocative. With envelope in hand, you wonder to yourself what wonderful thoughts you will encounter. It is blissful anticipation, and the envelope is yet to be opened. This is the exquisite experience of receiving a personal note. Few things in life can bring forth those feelings of being so special. What one envelope can do to resurrect your day, once enslaved to the computer, tied to a stove, or in your car during evening drive-time with no possibility of a quick exit to home, home to a personal note?

If the romance of it all has escaped you for the moment, then imagine it this way:  You have a rather sizable stack of mail in your hand, all computer-addressed to you. It contains a plethora of monthly bills, credit card applications, endless flyers, and a personal, hand addressed note on Crane paper. Which one will you open first?

We all agree. Handwritten notes are, perhaps, angels in the mail, messengers of divine inspiration, endless with possibilities, enduring in their message.Personal notes can take us from the mundane of our life to a moment in which we can revel in the wealth of love and friendship.

Now, the eternal questions. How can I master my personal notes so they will be remembered, so loved? How can I, too, make someone feel special?

It is simple. This book is created just for you. Short and sweet. Inspired and intelligent. You will be quickly equipped with a few basic tips to make your personal notes memorable, and much loved.  You will learn how to tap into your creative side. You will learn to do all this on a budget.

You will learn The Oreo Method of Writing, the only way to write a divinely inspired note! Why is chocolate always the best way to learn about the more delicious aspects of life?

Lastly, think of personal note writing as poetry of the heart. And, as you write from your heart, hold dear in mind what the Greek lyric poet, Simonides, said of verse: “Painting with the gift of speech.”

So come, do not fear, one word from you can be a thousand stanzas of joy.  Join me in a rather short, but glorious, journey: The Write Stuff: A Modern Guide to Personal Stationery and Weddings.

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